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Replenishment Spill Kit

Spill Doctor is now offering replenishment spill kits for half the cost of a compete spill kit!

We advise you to keep a replenishment kit on site so you are never caught in a situation where your main kit is empty when needed!!!

Spill Kits are crucial when dealing with a spill in the workplace.

Our Replenishment Spill Kit is packed with absorbents and P.P.E. to help you respond quickly and effectively to a spill. This is a refill for a wheelie Bin Oil Spill Kit!

The replenishment kit absorbs Hydrocarbons and the absorbent capacity is 140L.

Contents of the replenishment oil spill kit:

* 25 absorbent pads

* 2 absorbent socks

* 1 absorbent cushions 3 waste bags/ties

* 1 Goggles/gloves

* 1 SDSORB (75L)

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