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SpillAway International – ‘Environmental Excellence Award 2009’ Award

The great environmental debate and issues such as energy efficiency and biotechnology have risen dramatically up the business agenda over the past year. While many people argue the finer points of global warming – its main causes and effects – one thing is clear and that is, climate change is a real issue for businesses and it is here to stay. In reaction to this, environmental work has been intensified; carbon-cutting measures are getting tougher; and the government is getting serious about environmental protection. Forward looking companies are beginning to put low carbon technologies in place which they hope will fortify them from the rising cost of fuel and insurance premiums. But solving these problems in isolation is difficult and the industry needs to recognise those companies who are leading the way in sustainable transport solutions. As a result, the Institute, as part of its updated research report titled: ‘Transport – Its Impact on the Environment’ has singled out SpillAway International for particular mention for their bioremediation initiatives.


SpillAway International is the leading global manufacturer of industrial, commercial, marine, institutional and residential products for use in the innovative field of Environmental Biotechnology. Having extensively researched the natural process and technology of bioremediation over the last decade, SpillAway manufactures a extensive synergistic system of products to assist its clients and customers achieve mandatory regulatory compliance. The Institute, having researched this area most comprehensively over the past few months, has decided that SpillAway International, and its dynamic Managing Director, Tony Kurk are most worthy recipients of the Environmental Excellence Award for 2009.

Mr. Patrick Sheedy, Director of Media & PR at the Institute said: “The Institute of transport Management joins the long list of admirers of environmental initiative by accrediting SpillAway International with the ‘Environmental Excellence Award 2009’ and we are delighted to acknowledge the company’s commitment to further offsetting the remaining unavoidable emissions with other projects.”

It should be noted that SpillDoctor has officially been appointed Spillaway’s South African Distributor as a result of their excellence and expertise in this field.