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There has been an increasing mandate, from governmental environmental agencies,for the installation and use of Oil-Water Separators & Interceptors in Marine Industry. These new regulations have placed a heavy burden, both financial & operational, on all phases of Marine Industry. NavalKleen can & will help to overcome many of these expenses. NavalKleen has the ability to significantly reduce hydrocarbon contamination in Bilges, Oily Waste Tanks and Oil Water Separators. The added cleaning & degreasing bio-surface agent will help to keep your facility clean & safe for all personnel.
NavalKleen is a blend of naturally occurring micro-organisms chosen for their ability to metabolize hydrocarbons in Bilges, Oily Waste Tanks and Oil Water Separators. When used in a routine maintenance program, NavalKleen will eliminate hydrocarbon build-up, eliminating the need to clean Bilges, pump the Oily Waste Tank and clean the Oily Water Separator.

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