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Advantages of Oil Spill Kits

Spill Doctor sells Oil Spills Kits to help individuals and companies respond to a spill in the workplace. This value for money product is great to have as the wheelie bin is equipped with absorbents and P.P.E to assist you when dealing with a spill.

We have a range of spill containment products, fire safety products and more! Check out our website, to see our full product range.

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8 steps to follow when responding to a chemical, oil or hazardous spill

Accidents happen, therefore you should have plans in place and steps to follow when a spill in the workplace occurs.

These 8 steps can assist you when responding to a chemical, oil or hazardous spill.

1. Assess the risk 

  • That is faced to personnel, the environment & property.
  • Inform colleagues & wait for at least one other person is in attendance before dealing with the incident.
  • Determine the liquid type, the quantity & if there are casualties.

2. Protect 

  • Wear P.P.E so you can safely respond to the spill.
  • Check the S.D.S. (Safety Data Sheet) for any hazards associated with the liquid spilled.

3. Contain the Spill

  • This will reduce area of contamination & lessen the impact of the spill.
  • Use absorbent socks, brooms & physical barriers.

4. Stop the spill

  • Once the spill has been contained STOP the source of the spill; roll a drum damaged side up, turn a tap off, plug the hole in a container etc. & if appropriate decant any remaining liquid into a secondary container.

5. Re-assess

  • RE-ASSESS the situation before starting clean upensure the spill is fully under control.

6. Clean up 

  • Treat all contaminated material as the liquid spilled & dispose of clean up equipment accordingly.

7. Decontamination

  • Ensure all the personnel involved with the spill are fully decontaminated.
  • The site of the spill, all P.P.E. & equipment must also be fully decontaminated & checked.
  • If items have been damaged or cannot be fully decontaminated, dispose of accordingly & replace with new.

8. Report and replenish 

  • De-brief all personnel involved, compile a complete report of the incident and fill out all associated paperwork.
  • If needs be, change your procedures and/or the location of some or all of your spill response equipment.
  • Remember to replenish/re-stock all front line equipment and back-up stocks including P.P.E., drain covers etc.


Spill Doctor’s mission is to assist companies in creating safe and complaint workplaces by providing a range of environmental and health and safety products.

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Meet the General Safety Regulation by installing eye wash stations and showers

Eyewash stations and showers enable you to meet the:


Regulation 3.8:

When an “employee is exposed or can be exposed to a potential hazard of injury to the eye through contact with a biological or chemical substance”, the employee should “make sure that there is an eyewash fountain” or similar facilities in the workplace.

Regulation 3.9:

“Where an employee at a workplace is exposed or can be exposed to a potential hazard of injury to or absorption though the skin as a result of sudden contact with a contact with a large amount of toxic, corrosive, high risk or similar hazardous substance”, the employeer “must make sure that there is a fast-reacting deluge-shower with clean water or a similar facility” in the workplace.

Make sure that you stay complaint in the workplace by installing an eye wash station or shower. Employee safety should be your number one priority!

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Lightweight drum trolleys with chemical resistance

Spill Doctor supplies a range of drum trolleys within South Africa and the African continent.

The purpose of the products are to ensure safe and compliant transport of chemicals and hydrocarbons around factories or workplaces.

Drum Trolleys: 

  • lightweight
  • chemical resistance
  • easy to transport hazardous materials in the workplace/factory

Click the link below, to view our range of drum trolleys!

Spill Doctor is here to assist you in storing and transporting flammable liquids and hazardous chemicals in a safe and complaint manner.

Products available:

BT100 – Bunded Drum Trolley

Useful for moving 25 Litre drums and small loads around your facility. The BT100 comes with a 100 litre sump capacity. This medium-density polyethylene trolley is lightweight and resistant to chemicals. For ease of use it has been fitted with rear swivel/brake castors.

BT230 – Drum Caddy

210 litre drum dispensing trolley with 230 litre sump capacity.
Ensure your drums are fully bunded even when being transported.
Simple to use one person operation and can dispense materials without the worry of spills.

This mobile dispensing trolley has a full size spill containment sump made from medium density polyethylene, this ensures a lightweight operation with the added benefit of excellent chemical resistance. This unique design means it can be operated by one person even when it has a full 205 litre drum on board.

Once loaded the trolley can be pushed from the back to reduce the risk of operator strain.

PDDH – Drum Dollie

A mobile drip tray with 30 litre sump capacity that aids housekeeping when transporting and dispensing from vertical drums. Designed for use with a 210 litre drum (or smaller containers), this trolley has a two-handed handle instead of the usual stick handle. Its four moving castors, and push-on breaks make moving heavy drums much easier.