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Spill Doctor – Keep calm campaign

The incorrect storage of flammable and hazardous liquids can cause fire, injury and environmental damage, which is why environmental, health and safety specialists Spill Doctor provides storage solutions that assist clients in safely storing dangerous substances.

The Level 4 BBBEE company has an extensive range of occupational health and safety products. These products include spill pallets, non-combustible flammable stores, flammable safety cabinets, eyewash stations and combination showers.

Spill Doctor’s products include “everything the client needs” to store, distribute and remove flammable liquids in a safe and legally-compliant manner.

It has worked extensively to obtain the exclusive distribution rights in Africa for internationally recognized brands in the health, safety and environmental fields.

Through safety first risk prevention products, Spill Doctor aids companies in successfully implementing risk prevention strategies. This ensures the safety of people and the surrounding environment which are key factors in successful risk control and operations.

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Why our customers choose Spill Doctor!

Spill Doctor is a customer centric company which is devoted to providing our customers with safe and compliant products to help reduce risk in the workspace.

Thank to our clients for the continued support over the years.

Call Sales on +270100036060 or visit our website to see our comprehensive range of products.

Our customers choose the Spill Doctor because we are a company that is:

  • Transparent and honest
  • We provide products that are safe and compliant
  • We are cost effective and are competitively priced
  • We are passionate about our high quality products
  • We are an environmentally conscious company and we believe in having sustainable practices, to minimize our impact on the environment.
  • We are fast, flexible and always strive to exceed our customers expectations.
  • We provide free assessments to assist you in purchasing and installing the correct health and safety equipment.
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Advantages of Spill Berms

Portable Spill Berms are available in a range of sizes and provide protection against harsh chemicals, while preventing spills from occurring in the workplace.

Call Sales on +270100036060 or visit our website see our range of products.

Advantages of Spill Berms:

  • Portable.
  • Quick set up time making it great for efficiency & quick response to emergencies. 
  • Reinforced corner design, features wraparound diagonal welds for fluid tight reliability.
  • Berms withstand a range of chemicals inc. petroleum’s & most acids.
  • High visibility yellow inside supports against potential catch hazards inside while keeping exterior free from trip hazards.

Spill Doctor is here to keep you safe and compliant.